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Finding stillness

Happy 2012…you’ve now had a month and a half to adjust, make and break resolutions and recover socially, emotionally and physically from the holidays.  Welcome back to (somewhat) normal life. I, for one, fell off the grid in late November … Continue reading

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Pride Commeth

As the old saying goes, pride commeth before a fall.  That may well be but today, I am happy to risk it because I am allowing myself to be proud.  Ok, so it’s a little achievement.  It’s not a nuclear … Continue reading

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Free Editing

No games here, this is exactly what it sounds like – free editing.  I’m feeling generous and energised and want to put that energy to good use, so here I go with a one time, one lucky person offer*: Submit … Continue reading

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An ampoule of pain

For a change, a poem. A moment captured and distilled.  Just an essence. Only the essential – nothing more. I’m not vouching for its poetic genius; it is what it is. An ampoule of pain – just enough to grieve … Continue reading

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Second Ugliest Word

The word ‘can’t’ is the second ugliest word in the English language. It starts with a harsh ‘c’, continues with a whining ‘a’ and finishes with a short ‘t’. Wheedling, nasally, perfunctory. Say it. Out loud. Ugly, right? Not only … Continue reading

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