Monster in Your Closet

Failure is achieved through hard work, determination and risk. Failure is a mark of distinction, a badge of honour, a sign of courage.

Most of us fear failure; failure is the monster in our closet, keeping us awake at night, so we always leave a light on.

We cosset ourselves in jobs that are safe, in relationships that are sound (though perhaps passionless), we compromise, we mitigate, we settle. We insulate our lives against highs and lows. We minimise failure. We swallow any failures quickly and painfully; we don’t talk about them, share them or learn from them.

We hide failure like we hide dandruff, anti-depressants, drunken sex tapes and strange relatives – in a deep basement of embarrassment, shame and regret.

However, failure is a mark of success. Glorious success in life, love and business usually follows harsh and narrow road pockmarked with failure. Here’s the thing – you need to embrace failure first. See failure as an opportunity, not an embarrassment. Don’t define yourself by your failures but recognise them for what they are – stepping stones on the road to success.

Yes, there’s a Monster in Your Closet but it’s time to turn off that light and introduce yourself. Be brave. Fail big. It’s worth it.

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