Sometimes you need to think barefoot.

I’m not a crazy hippy.  I wear shoes most of the time. I hate people who don’t wear shoes in places that they should…like the grocery store or the corner shop or more than 200m from the beach.  But shoes are designed to keep our feet from touching the ground, which is sometimes a good thing (think glass, sharp sticks, chewing gum, dog poop…), but can also leave us feeling disconnected, closed off, isolated.

It’s a simple thing. Kick your shoes off, put your barefeet on the ground and take a minute to just think. You’ll be surprised where it might lead you.


A little (more) about me…I write (fiction mostly and travel sometimes), I think (barefoot and otherwise) about life/me/the universe, I blog and I tweet.  I work a day job as an administrative superhero where I put my skills for empathy, shoe-lace tying and wordsmithing to the test; by night, I do the above (and occasionally write academic things, make dinner, do laundry and drink wine with my husband.)



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