Let there be light!

Thanks to our beloved in house illumination consultant, the Blue Room now sports low voltage, high watt, eco friendly uber chic downlights.  Hooray Mr Edison, we have come so far!

For the moment though, we will leave the blinds open and bask in the late afternoon sun a while longer.  While I appreciate the wonderful artificial illumination now installed in my ceiling, I much prefer the natural kind.

Creative illumination can come from both found and natural sources.  Found creative illumination includes the books, blogs and boastings of others. It encompasses all the tweeting, the ‘tubing’ (not sure if that one’s going to catch on), the commenting, the clarifying, the quantifying, the listening, the thinking, the joining and the questioning of life. This is connect the dots creative illumination; we do it every day as we interact and react with the world.*

And then there’s the alternate, more allusive, heartbreakingly infrequent, breathtaking intensity of natural creative illumination.  It’s the moment when an idea rises from the deep cavern of your soul and crystallises in the light.  A unique and joyous, momentous and fear-crushing flash of possibility.

Run with it – go…now! Yes, people might think you’re crazy (and they aren’t necessarily wrong) but crazy can be wonderful, crazy creates energy and your brand of crazy might be just what the world needs.

The fear will return but the idea hangs around; you will question whether this idea, your idea, is worth anything.  I’ll leave you with this:

You know its a good idea when it makes your heart sing.

*Some intellectual fascists might analyse this statement as post-modern. They might even venture that all creativity is only pastiche – digital and academic decoupage. My advice to them would be to stop trying to draw the lines straight and just enjoy the picture. Your frame is just as fleeting as mine.

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