Pride Commeth

As the old saying goes, pride commeth before a fall.  That may well be but today, I am happy to risk it because I am allowing myself to be proud.  Ok, so it’s a little achievement.  It’s not a nuclear armistice or a corporate merger.  It will not save the world or a make a global difference but today, I inspired a child – in fact, I think I might have inspired more than one.

Children are funny creatures; as we grow up we forget what it was like to be seeking information – eyes and ears open wide with minds like steel traps that never forget what you never meant them to hear.  I don’t have any children of my own yet, these were a borrowed group of intrepid travellers who ventured with me on a journey to discover one of the world’s greatest playwrights. It was a tumultuous ride – cyclonic actually and harrowing to the end.  But at that end, there was joy and discovery and pride and maybe, just maybe, a future devotee of the Bard or the craft or our language itself.

If I’ve learned anything from the kids, it’s to remember that the world is full of wonder and possibility and I should keep my eyes and ears wide open (and my mouth firmly shut…if my ranting and raving for order in the chaos has any deeper subtext!).

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