The Nasty Truth

I read a lot of posts written by amazing people doing fantastic things – taking action, grabbing life and inspiring others but I’d like to reiterate a point they make all the time but I think readers glide over:

Dreams take work.

Inspiration gets you started but good ol’ fashioned elbow grease keeps you going. And sometimes there’s a lot more grease required than you first thought.  It’s not all good times, and if my experience is anything to go by, when you first start out, you’re shit scared, pretty much all the time.

You go through periods of self doubt and project lethargy; this is normal.  This does not mean you have made the wrong decision; the wrong decision would be giving up now, pandering to your fears and accepting failure.

All those wonderful, inspiring, motivated life adventurers we look to every day – even they have low times. Suck it up, sunshine. One day soon, it will all look up.

PS Thank you to those of you who are willing to write about failure, lethargy, self doubt and any other not so inspiring life moments from time to time – in the low times we find the depths of our strength.

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