Where’s your dream?

Where’s your dream? Can you still see it?

Chances are you can’t. You’re not the only one.  Ever heard the saying ‘can’t see the woods for the trees’?  Often times, we get so bogged down in doing the doing that we forget what were are aiming for or, worse, where we were going.

Life is busy.  Life is distracting. Life likes to tangle you up in the day to day – that’s it’s job.  It keeps the world ticking over.  Everyone has to wash dishes*.

So finish the dishes or whatever task/project is keeping you from pursuing that dream or getting to your destination.  If the task/project seems never ending, ask yourself if it’s worth sacrificing the dream to finish it; if it’s not, stop – STOP RIGHT NOW – if it is, well, perhaps you have a new dream.

It’s ok to change your dreams, it’s even ok to get distracted from them but it’s not ok to fail pursuing them because we’re too tired/busy/lazy to reach for them.

Ok, that’s it – go off and catch a dream – I’m going to.

*perhaps not everyone but most people – or at least load the dishwasher.

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