A quick catch up…

Sorry to anyone following the daily task or treat – I’ve been remiss for days. I have a really good excuse though – I’ve started a new business and launched the website. This project has been on a slow boil for many moons, however this week I jumped off the cliff. So far, I have not smashed myself to smithereens on jagged rocks. The website is basic and temporary; at some point, I hope to have a very clever person do a ‘real’ one for me but I can wait until I’ve fleshed out exactly where this venture is taking me – for the moment, you can find out more at


So, to catch you up, here’s what you can try to cram in for the next few days:


Have asparagus and cheese toasted sandwhich for dinner:

Crusty bread
Jarlsberg cheese (you don’t have to go upmarket, homebrand will do)
canned asparagus

Place sandwhich (open faced) under grill until cheese is bubbly and golden.

Enjoy with a glass of white wine, beer or even water.

Eat chocolate

It’s ladies night – but we’re staying in (sorry gents – I give full permission for a substitution here, if nail painting is not your thing…or try it, you might like it)

Let’s try something French for the evening…

Vin de Bourgogne (French Burgundy)
French Polish (DIY)
French Fries (ok, I know they aren’t french but…)

Put on ‘So Frenchy, so chic’, crack the bottle and do your fingers and toes.

If you don’t want the French look, pick a funky colour and go with that.

Now, Gerty is doing an excellent job with her daily taskortreat – even when she needs to make substitutions. For instance, on Sunday, she was unable to get a photo of lifeguards so instead, she took a photo of surfers as the moon rose. She even stuck her toes in the relatively chilly water – go Gerty. And, as is the point of all this silliness, the daily taskortreat led to something lovely and unexpected – fish and chips in the moonlight on a beautiful spring night, listening to the crash of the surf and enjoying just being.

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