Finding Time

I am always looking for time…

  • To write
  • To think
  • To do laundry
  • To eat

Sometimes I find it, crammed in between doing the dishes and sitting down to eat dinner or walking between meetings or grocery stores. I think while I am driving between appointments, commuting to or from work and running errands. I write my grocery list in my head while I am driving to the shops. I plan dinner as I drive from the shops to home. I write to-do lists while I wait for my coffee. I check my emails as I wait in line at the checkout. Time is never singular; I live within a plurality of tasks that require simultaneous completion. I spin, time spins, we all spin together.

It’s very easy to get sucked into the vortex of multi-tasking, taking on more and more things, and buying more and more gadgets that ‘save time’…it’s difficult not to get lost in the minutiae.

But that’s not really finding time. Some things require singularity – or at least a mental stillness borne of completing one task at a time.

Today, I need to complete something that will require my brain. All of it. I will need to turn off the phone, close my email and put a sign up on my desk that says "unless you are dying, don’t ask me any questions today – I’m working".

Sometimes, you can’t do/fix/care about everything. Maybe today is that day for you too.

Unplug and get started.

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