Behind the 8-ball

Ok, so a quick update on taskortreat

Friday was as follows:

Get dressed up. Shut up and do it. Go to a champagne bar and drink a glass of champagne.

Gerty’s interpretation:

Go in workboots and jeans to the nearest pub and order something that bubbles. Drink it out of whatever glass is available. (She maintains that it was some sort of sparkling wine but perhaps not ‘champagne’.) Since she read her instructions late, I’ll accept the substitution on the grounds that she didn’t cop out and found a ‘solution’. Go Gert.


Order a glass of tempranillo – don’t go anywhere that doesn’t have any – that would be silly.


Buy a bottle of tempranillo and have a glass or three.*

*I’m a fan of the alternative myself.


Go to beach and walk down the boardwalk. Take a photo of a lifeguard and email it to a friend – no explanation necessary.

Take your shoes off and put your toes in the ocean – I don’t care if it’s raining – just do it.^

^Note: It is winter where we live, so this is not always going to a happy frolicking in the sun (unlike those of you in the Norther Hemisphere)

Which gets us to today – Monday

Eat sushi for lunch.

For those of you who are really game – make it all up today and eat sushi, drink champagne and a glass of tempranillo. You may be a little tipsy when you get back from lunch but it will make for an interesting afternoon!

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