Taskortreat # 2

Taskortreat #2

Write a poem with the starting line:

If I were a panda

Your poem should rhyme.

Fell free to share your creative genius in the comments section.

Here’s a lovely contribution courtesy of Gerty*:

If I were a panda

you would see me meander

towards fields of bamboo in the sun

I’m a vego gorilla,

not into Snob Scrilla,

I much prefer Deano and Frank

My scientific name

such an E-normous shame

it’s ridiculously hard to say

It means, black and white cat foot

I hope you’re not off put…

I’m an Ailuropoda melanoleuca

In Chinese, da xiong mao

I know right, gee WOW!

It literally means giant bear cat

If I knew kung fu

I’d be the envy of you

cause they’d make a movie about me.

Although Jack was funny,

‘specially his fat tummy,

which isn’t dissimilar to mine!

So if I was a Panda

my name’d be Miranda,

I’d drink heaps of Fanta

and dress up as Santa

Ignore the propaganda,

wouldn’t live in Uganda.

I’d just want to drink wine

and sit on my veranda,

If I was a panda.

*Remember: This is just for fun, so we won’t critique the literary merit of anyone’s contributions…

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