Go ahead – be excited!

Excitement is infectious. Excitement about one thing can lead to excitement about other things that are completely unrelated. Take, for example, my friend Gertrude (here on in referred to as Gerty). She and her husband-to-be are currently doing the long distance thing; it’s a recession and their respective jobs have taken them to wildly different places. My beautiful Gerty is a resilient, punch the world in the face kind of girl (although she’s mildly pacifistic so perhaps that’s not the best descriptor). She’s not letting the distance get her down; she’s embracing her life and making the best of it. Go Gerty! However, like any softhearted romantic, she’s counting down the days until she’s reunited with her betrothed. It’s all very Jane Austen-esque. And you know when sometimes, you’re looking forward to something so much that time seems to drag on? That’s where Gerty was at on Friday, which was T minus 28 days to ‘Reunion Day’. That’s where I, creative beetle, burrow in the digital abyss and emerge triumphant.

I have made her a countdown calendar (much like an advent calendar but for a non-religious* purpose; in fact, it is an advent calendar from http://www.advientos.com/). Starting today (Monday) for the next 25 days, I have imagined wonderful tasks and treats for Gerty to look forward to as she looks forward to Reunion Day (yes, I know that was repetitive). Each day, just like an advent calendar, she gets to lift the digital flap (because, like all good inventions, advent calendars now have a digital version) to reveal her surprise. Originally, I was focused on food and drink related treats but I soon realised that a) I was going to make her fat and b) a chocolate a day does not keep boredom away; quickly, I re-thought my plan and began to include some fun challenges. Another stipulation was that financial investment into these tasksortreats was kept to a minimum, so at no point does Gerty need to go out and buy a bottle of Dom Perignon to drink on a beach at sunset (although that would be lovely…).

As you can guess, Gerty is very excited and because she’s excited, I’m excited. So, I thought I’d share the excitement. For the next 25 days, I will post a daily ‘taskortreat’; I hope you will join Gerty and me but I warn you, some tasks are very silly indeed, involve raw fish, lots of chocolate and copious amounts of wine. Some guidelines (because fun doesn’t have rules):

  • Substitutions are welcome (ie do not eat nuts with chocolate in it if you have a nut allergy) but try not to substitute just because it pushes you out of your comfort zone – that is, after all, part of the fun.
  • Substitute don’t skip.
  • Some things are really easy and unchallenging – like #1. Don’t worry -this is to balance out the big ones like desecration of public property (just kidding…sort of)

On a side note – all this excitement is generating some very positive, inspired energy so watch this space…great things are coming (and yes, I am excited enough to be that bold).

Hope you enjoy the excitement and please – do share!

Taskortreat #1
Go to local café. Order a ristretto.

*Although some may argue that love is religion

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