Mediocrity is the road to Hell

Step 2: Contemplate

On May 9, I wrote an epic post – epic in length, not necessarily content.  In summary, to save you the trouble of reading it in all it’s verbose glory – epiphany.

About work, life, love and the universe…but mostly work and life, and how the two are intricably linked – work to live, live to work.

And that’s the crux of it, I’ve been living to work, even though I do a ‘job’ that can’t be considered a career and that I took as a step towards working to live.

The road to hell is not paved with good intentions, it’s paved with mediocrity, with settling, with taking the easy/safe/comfortable alternative. In my defense, when I took my current job (which FYI – I really like) it was a temporary means to an end.  I’m good at it, I work with great people and, for the most part, I enjoy every day – which is why it has been so easy to slip into the very comfortable rut of mediocrity.

But, I’ve had my epiphany, pulled my head out of the sand and I can’t stick it back in again.  So the last month has been full of contemplating – contemplating what life might look like when I take the leap.  I’ve already set the wheels in motion…and in some ways, the cart is definitely way in front of the horse (but I can’t talk about it yet).

More power to anyone who can leap from epiphany to action without Step 2 – but for me, I think Step 2 will take some sorting through…looking before I leap, so to speak.  I just hope I don’t spend too long looking because I’m now on a very real, very definite and completely unmovable deadline…

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