Barefoot by necessity

There are places you shouldn’t go barefoot:

  • Public restrooms
  • Factories of any description
  • The grocery store
  • Any type of restaurant
  • Out in a blizzard
  • On hot pavement

There are some places you should:

  • Inside your house
  • Out in your garden
  • At the beach
  • At a grassy park
  • In your workplace (provided they aren’t any of the above non-barefoot places)

Perhaps you shouldn’t be barefoot in your workplace all the time but just sometimes, give your feet a breather. We get places faster in shoes because we’re not alert to obstacles or dangers that might impact our soft-fleshy soles if we weren’t wearing shoes. We can step on a loose thumbtack or abandoned grape without a thought – trampling many things underfoot as we bustle to our next job/meeting/cup of coffee. Yes, there’s a metaphor in here. It’s not just about the thumbtack or the abandoned grape. What are you trampling over or walking past as you hurry through life doing the doing?

Today it’s raining, torrentially – which I appreciate for summer parched gardens across our city – but also because after a chaos filled, rain soaked morning I can justifiably take my shoes off at my desk. Today, I’m calling a Barefoot at Work day. Yes, I’ll have to watch where I am going to make sure I don’t break an ankle on a stray lego set or puncture my heel with a drawing pin but I am happy to take the time to look ahead of me, take care where I place my feet and get about my day at a slower, barefoot pace.

Even if you don’t need to ring the rainwater from your shoes this morning, try to take them off, at least for a little while – you never know what you might see that’s right in front of you.

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