Old School Inspiration

I get caught up in the here and now, the ever-present, ever-changing yet sometimes chilling world of the modern. Don’t get me wrong – I appreciate Twitter and Facebook and blogging and there are people out there doing amazing things and tweetfacing about them. I seek inspiration from the digital on a daily basis but usually it’s from the non-digital world that I find it. I see the paradox I am about to present – drawing your attention to something realworld and hardcopy via a digital platform – and I guess that’s why I love being in the here and now but for a dose of ‘old school’:

Letters of Note – Fabulous letters written by famous writers to the children of Troy upon the opening of their new Library (Asimov, Dr Seuss an EB White among them). I lived in our local library as a child and these letters capture everything that I love about libraries and books in general.*

Famous Letterheads – Another blog by the same blogger about letterheads…which are intriguingly nostalgic – personality distilled into the letterheads of Einstein, Hitler, the Star Wars Corporation and Harry Houdini (among others). I want my own stationery now…

*Thank you to the Funions over at Alien Onion for bringing this post (and blog) to my attention – it has made my day.

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