Small vices

Everyone has their small vices: single malt scotch, german knives, shoes, chocolate, perfume, sports memorabilia…mine is designer stationery. Any stationery really but anything clean and cool and architectural really gets my pocketbook itching. Not that I have ten cents to rub together at the moment but still, a girl can dream. When I start writing a story, I start a new notebook – sometimes I get to the end of that notebook but often, I don’t. I’m not purposely wasteful (and the ends of notebooks do get used for more banal, less inspired things like to-do lists) – sometimes the notebook doesn’t travel when it needs to and another needs to be started to keep the story going. Other times, a story takes longer to write because life intervenes. When I come back to the writing, the notebook is neither new nor exciting, it is dog-eared with bent edges and smudged pencil and feels like the past, even if the story is still very much in progress. A new notebook is required to rev up the creative engines. The crisp, clean white page is just so soothing. And lovely pens and pencils – there’s nothing better than a freshly sharpened pencil or a smooth rolling pen – bliss. And when they look pretty like Mont Blanc or Koh-I-Noor, I’m in heaven.

Small vices can be expensive and are not to indulged in lightly but go ahead – embrace your vices today because soon it will be would-have, could-have, should-have. Soon, today will be yesterday.

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