Lime for Life

I must apologise in advance to any and all who are afflicted by the sight of me today. I’m wearing a lime green top that’s ocularly offensive. No, I’m not late for St. Patrick’s Day – I’m bright and brash for a good cause. May 5th is Lime for Life day.

Lime for Life day aims to raise awareness of mental health issues, great and small, that affect people in our lives and communities. For more information on Lime for Life, visit their Facebook or Twitter page:

So, for today, if you see throngs of people wearing lime green, you’ll know why (it’s not just their shocking fashion sense.) If you’d like to get on board, grab that noxious shirt, dress, tie or top from the back of your fancy dress cupboard and wear it proudly today in support of a great cause – for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere it might be a little late for this year, but mark your calendar for next year. For those in the Northern half of our planet, you may still be celebrating International Star Wars Day (May the fourth be with you!) so you’ve still got time to wear Lime for Life ‘tomorrow’.

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