Inventing Gladwrap

Over the past few weeks, my shoes have remained firmly on my feet. This isn’t a bad thing; getting stuck into doing the doing is important – there’s nothing worse than a great idea gathering dust. The world is already full of inaction; the downside of barefoot thinking (or idea creation in general) is getting caught up in the creating and not leaving time to get your idea, project or dream off the ground.

What if Shakespeare had a great idea for a love story but never sat down to write Romeo and Juliet (where would soap operas be without the star crossed lovers storyline??) or the boffin(s) behind Facebook chatted in their dorm rooms about how great an online networking platform would be but never sat down to build it (without introducing the concept of ‘status updates’ and the wall, would Twitter exist?)…the point is, the road to…somewhere is paved with ‘good ideas’ but the road to, well, somewhere better, is paved with good actions.

Have you ever had a ‘great idea’ and then a few months or years later seen ‘your’ idea making headlines, millions of dollars or making a difference for someone else? Suck it up sunshine; plenty of people have good ideas but only a small percentage have the gumption to follow through. Take on the risk, face failure head-on. Don’t be the person who didn’t invent glad wrap.

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