Shoe induced failure

Some really bad things happen when people think too much while wearing shoes.  Unless you’re a work at home creative type in your feng-shui lounge room/office or work for a cruisy, forefront of the trend keep the workers happy corporate entity where shoes are optional (are there any of those and do they need a wordsmith? Tweet me!), chances are, you wear shoes to work.  I do.  I try to go for comfort but sometimes, you have to look the part and wear shoes that cramp your toes (and therefore, your creative style because if you’re uncomfortable in your shoes, chances are you’re more focused on how much your feet hurt than the task at hand).

I’ve seen a few shoe induced failures recently and I thought I would share:


This is a bidet - not a sink for children...seriously...a tap??











To give you a better idea of placement and to prove it is actually a bidet:



Yup...let's not even talk about the colour...


Now for another…oddly, bathroom orientated failure:



Yes...that's barbed wire...


And yes – I felt the need to touch it….just in case (and then I disinfected my hands…twice):



It's weird...


What are some others?

  • X Factor host recent verbal blunder :
  • Commonwealth Games – India (the before part: ceilings caving in, pedestrian walk ways crashing down, non-functioning toilets in the athletes’ village…I have no idea how it’s going now…I don’t really like watching sport…)
  • Julia Guillard’s (new Prime Minister of Australia) pronunciation of ‘negotiate’.  But it has spawned a rather amusing spoof video:
  • Mr Putin’s recent birthday present from some very…outgoing…journalism students:
  • Many speeches by George W Bush (honestly, his speech writers couldn’t have been to blame…it must have been his shoes)
  • And of course (I couldn’t resist really….) – the new GAP logo: 

    Oh dear...

Honestly people – wear more comfortable shoes…they might not make you creative if you’re as boring as cardboard or egg whites or socks with Birkenstocks but they will at least help you think straight.

Reduce failure. Go barefoot.

PS. Have I missed any recent, grotesque failures?  Add them in the comments section.

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