Hump days

Today, I’m leaving my shoes on. No barefoot thinking for me; I’m not in the mood.

We all have hump days (funny…today’s Wednesday) many of us have more moody, thoughtless days than not – when we’re under pressure, overworked, underwhelmed, overwhelmed, bored, on deadline, sleep-deprived, hungover or we just wake up on the wrong side of the bed. The thing is, if you can get over the hump, sometimes those days are the best to do some barefoot thinking.

Go on – get out of your office, house, cubicle, cubby house – step away from your desk, your computer (leave your iPhone/Blackberry/Other) and go outside. Do it with me, I’m going out to find a patch of grass (it’s spring in Australia), but a pile of autumn leaves will do it if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere somewhere. Kick your shoes off (maybe leave them on while you’re in the elevator though)…

I’m here now…being barefoot in the grass reminds me of being a kid…ten years old – I think I enjoyed being ten the most, not too old to be wary not to young to be idiotic.

Wave hi to your ten year old self. Hello! Skip or lay down or do a handstand – or, if this is your first time barefoot thinking, maybe just walk a few steps (watch out for glass…the world isn’t the same as it was when you were ten…)

What did you want to grown up to become when you were ten? Are you there yet? I’m still working towards it…but my ten year old self out here on my patch of grass seems happy with how I’m going, so – I’ll keep doing what I’m doing. What is your ten year old self saying?

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